Why make a donation to MCSG?
Donating to Millennium Child Support Group (MCSG) assures a better future for thousands of vulnerable children. Various children associations exist and it may be difficult to choose which one to support. Here are some reasons why you should support us. 

Donating to Millennium Child Support Group MCSG allows us to take action in order to protect children who are victims of sexual abuse, victims of all forms of violence, children with disabilities, children exploited through work labour, children in conflict with the law, children living on the streets, etc. We work every day to promote welfare, regardless of the original context, and to support the reintegration of children who are victims of abuse.

Donating to MCSG encourages active advocacy for the rights of the child that will allow changes in attitudes and public policies at all levels, from the most international to the more local.

Donating to MCSG guarantees sustainable work when working with children thanks to our local partners. The future of a child in distress cannot be solved in a few temporary emergency actions! Quality support over time is essential, thus it is necessary for local professionals to be adequately trained.

Donating to MCSG allows us to continue to work independently with vulnerable children without depending solely on institutional funding.


We appreciate your support and thank you for your generosity in support of vulnerable children.
The advantages of 100% secured online donations
MCSG online donations are:
Economic: less transport and processing costs
Practical: you can donate online wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reliable: your personal data is protected and securely transmitted through SSL encryption

Immediate: no delays, no loss of mail
The secure online donation at Millennium Child Support Group (MCSG)
The security of online transactions and data protection of our donors is the heart of our requirements. To do this, we work with internationally recognized experts in online payments: Ingenico Payment Services, PayPal and HSBC.
Our website meets the safety standards for online payments: SSL encrypted transactions, secure HTTPS site.
We are also strengthening the security of online donations through 3D-Secure system. 3D-Secure is a unique code sent to your bank via SMS or voice server that allows us to verify that you are the cardholder and the initiator of the transaction. This system is used to reduce fraudulent use. You just need to have your mobile phone or fixed phone nearby when you want to make a donation!
Are you having difficulty making a donation online? Have a question about its safety?
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